If you are a member of the Texas Flute Society and you would like to announce a flute event to the membership, you may forward your request to tfsmembership@gmail.com according to the guidelines shown below.  To view existing events, view the TFS calendar by clicking here.

Announcement Guidelines

  • Limit of three (3) emails and three (3) social media posts
  • Must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the event
  • Must be a flute event (recital, masterclass, clinic, camp)
  • Must be open to the public or to the general flute community
  • Does not have to be sponsored by the Texas Flute Society
  • If outside the DFW area, must be hosted by a TFS member
  • Cannot be a part of a political or religious event
  • Can be held in venues used for a political or religious event
  • Can be a part of a church-sponsored concert series
  • Cannot be a part of a regular church service

Information Requirements

  • Date and Time
  • Event Description
  • Location (building, room, street address, city, state, ZIP)
  • Admission Fee
  • Contact information
  • Artwork/Pictures (if available)
  • Content in text format. For flyers in PDF or JPG form, please provide documents in original form (Publisher, Word, …) if available.

Other Allowed Announcements

  • Stolen/Lost Flute Reports
  • Other board-approved items of interest to the membership

Newsletter Only Announcement Options (submitted directly to the Newsletter Editor)

  • Memorials for former/current members important to the flute community