Event Announcement Guidelines

If you are a member of the Texas Flute Society and you would like to announce a flute event to the membership, you may forward your request to the TFS Membership Coordinator according to the guidelines shown below.  To view existing events, view the TFS calendar by clicking here.

Announcement Guidelines

  • Must be a flute event (recital, masterclass, clinic, camp)
  • Must be open to the public or to the general flute community
  • Does not have to be sponsored by the Texas Flute Society
  • If outside the DFW area, must be hosted by a TFS member
  • Cannot be a part of a political or religious event
  • Can be held in venues used for a political or religious event
  • Can be a part of a church-sponsored concert series
  • Cannot be a part of a regular church service
  • Must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the event

Information Requirements

  • Date and Time
  • Event Description
  • Location (building, room, street address, city, state, ZIP)
  • Admission Fee
  • Contact information
  • Artwork/Pictures (if available)
  • Content in text format. For flyers in PDF or JPG form, please provide documents in original form (Publisher, Word, …) if available.

Other Allowed Announcements

  • Stolen/Lost Flute Reports
  • Other board-approved items of interest to the membership

Newsletter Only Announcement Options (submitted directly to the Newsletter Editor)

  • Memorials for former/current members important to the flute community