Board Members

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Contact any TFS Board Member by email by clicking on the names below. You may also reach the TFS by mail at the following address:

Texas Flute Society
PO Box 54202
Hurst, TX 76054

The Board of Directors is composed of an Executive Committee and a Festival Committee.  The Board shall conduct any or all business as needed to achieve the purposes of the Texas Flute Society.

 Executive Committee  Festival Committee
President Chris Cox
Vice President Brittney Balkcom
Past President Jennifer Kirby
Secretary Shannon Lotti
Treasurer Terease Powell
Membership Coordinator Dr. Brittany May
Newsletter Editor Dr. Carolyn Keyes
Webmaster Kirsten Guerra
Publicity Coordinator Laura Pillman
Clinic Coordinator Won Lee
Historian Elizabeth Robinson
Trustee Melissa Arthur
Trustee Judy Pierce
Trustee Terri Sundberg
Trustee Ann Vinod
Trustee  Dr. Ellen Kaner
Trustee  Jennifer Hunter
Festival Co-Chairs See Festival Committee
Festival Co-Chair Dr. Terri Sánchez
Festival Co-Chair Dr. Shauna Thompson
Myrna Brown Competition Coordinator  Hannah Leffler
Haire Competition Coordinator  Dr. Shauna Thompson
Masterclass Competition Coordinator Dr. Bethany Padgett
Commercial Liaison Dr. Julee Walker
Clinicians Coordinator Christine Cleary
Festival Volunteer Coordinator Martin Godoy
Festival Hospitality Coordinator Karen Eichinger
Flute Choir Coordinator David Popple
Pre-Registration and Scheduling Coordinator Diana Sparacin
Registration Coordinator Diana Sparacin
Program Book Editor Erika Martinez


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