Masterclass Competition

 The Masterclass Competition for this year’s virtual festival provides an opportunity for flutists of all ages to perform for our Guest Artists. The 2021 will take place on May 7th – 8th and the competition includes:

  • High School Solo performing for Jennifer Grim, Associate Professor of Flute, University of Miami
  • College & Adult Contemporary Solo performing for Brian Allred, 2019 Myrna Brown Competition Winner and Lecturer of Flute, University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire (*see more information below)
  • Junior High School Solo performing for Yi Xiang, 2020 Myrna Brown Competition Winner

For the College/Adult Contemporary Solo Competition, applicants must submit a recording of themselves playing a contemporary (written after 1950) flute work. Applicants are also encouraged (but not required) to submit works that

  1. are unaccompanied
  2. are written by living composers
  3. include extended techniques

Procedures and Deadlines

  • To participate in this competition, applicants must apply online, upload their mp3 recordings (any flute solo of your choice), and pay the nonrefundable application fee ($25) using the form below.
  • Entries must be submitted by March 1, 2021
  • There must be NO identifying personal information in the MP3 tags of the recording.
  • Recordings will be coded and sent to a judging committee.
  • Works written for flute and accompaniment must be recorded using both instruments.
  • Performers who wish to play for a specialist on Friday or Saturday at the festival must apply using the festival registration form.
  • All entrants must be current members of the Texas Flute Society in order to participate. Entrants may join either before the competition application is submitted (use the Individual Membership Application form) or when the competition application form is submitted.
  • Selected performers will be notified by late April.

For more information, please contact the Competition Coordinator.