Helpful Festival Hints

Please help us streamline the processing of the solo and ensemble entries by properly filling out your forms. First, please take the time to read the whole brochure. Make copies of the Festival Schedule pages for your students. Make enough copies of the registration forms to match your number of students. We can only accept entries on copies of the official form.

Please make sure the TEACHER’S NAME is on each page you send us. Check all the appropriate boxes and fill in all requested blanks. The ensemble category may be chosen from the “Ensemble Categories” list. Please do not make up your own category! Adult performers do not need to list a teacher’s name if not applicable.

Unless a solo is specifically written for flute alone, the accompanist’s name must be listed.  This is very important as we schedule by the accompanist to make sure the performance day runs smoothly.  Since our festival’s purpose includes the promotion of live music performance, we do not sanction the use of recorded accompaniment.

A membership application is included for your convenience.  It should be filled out by whomever has not paid the membership dues.  Membership runs a calendar year from January to December.  If you have a new address, telephone number, or e-mail address, be sure to indicate it on the information change blank.

Please sign up to VOLUNTEER!  If you can provide several volunteers, please include an extra page with names and phone numbers!

We know that it is extra work for you, but we  can do a much better job of ordering enough T-shirts and patches if you pre-order them.  We only order a few extras and don’t want anyone to miss out.

The fee page is VERY IMPORTANT.  Please send a membership form for each membership paid.

Thanks for following directions.  It helps our committee process faster.  It will help us put together the schedule faster, and it helps our record keeping stay in order.  It also helps us keep important information to be used in future grant writing.  We look forward to seeing and hearing you at the FLUTE FESTIVAL!!!

From the Festival Committee.



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