Etude Contest Rules and Entry Form

The Rules

The basic rules for the contest are shown below, but you must review and agree to the complete Official Rules (click here) before submitting your entry.

  1. Create a YouTube video.  Use the Naming Conventions below to name your videos. You must submit one video for each etude for which you would like to be considered. BE CREATIVE! We encourage you to make the video unique, rather than just standing in front of a music stand playing the etude.  While that is perfectly fine, we also want you to have fun.  You can be creative with the naming of the video, images within the video, visual performances, additional people in the video, etc.  However, we recommend that the etude be played in full, as written, and not broken up.
  2. Submit a link to your video(s) to the Texas Flute Society using the form below.
  3. VOTE! Be sure to encourage your friends and family to “like” your videos! Remember the more creative your video; the more likes it will get!
  4. There will be one winner per etude.  Winners will be announced on September 21st. Winners will be chosen based on number of likes received by September 20th!

Video Naming Conventions

Feel free to be creative with your video titles.  However, you video titles must contain the following:

  • “Texas Flute Society”
  • Either “C Major”, “Bb Minor” or “C# Minor”, depending on which etude is being performed in the video.

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