Meet the team.

The Board of Directors is composed of an Executive Committee and a Festival Committee. These are the super-cool folks helping make everything happen.

If you have any questions, shoot them an email (by clicking their name).

2022-2023 Executive Board

Paula Mims


Dr. Julee Kim Walker

Vice President

Diana Sparacin


Dr. Karen Robbins


Eduardo Martinez


Helen Kim

Clinics Coordinator

Joelle Gnikpingo

Membership Coordinator

Megan Pan

Newsletter Editor

Frances Orteza

Publicity Coordinator

Ann Vinod


Judy Pierce

Emeritus Trustee

Terri Sundberg

Emeritus Trustee

Claire Johnson

Emeritus Trustee

2022-2023 Festival Committee

Dr. Martin Godoy

Festival Co-Chair

Spencer Hartman

Festival Co-Chair

Dr. Hannah Leffler

Myrna Brown Competition Coordinator

Linda Jenkins

Haire Competition Coordinator

Dr. Min Hee Kim

Masterclass Competition Coordinator

Carole Overturf

Commercial Liaison

Christine Cleary

Clinicians Coordinator

Rafael Powell

Volunteer Coordinator

Natasha Costello

Hospitality Coordinator

Alaina Clarice

Flute Choir Coordinator

Dr. Amy Thiemann Leal

Pre-Registration and Scheduling Coordinator

Joo Chung

Registration Coordinator

Dr. Mehrdad Gholami

Program Book Editor