Donna Marie Haire Competition

The 12th Annual Donna Marie Haire Young Artist Competition will be held May 26th-28th, 2023. This flute competition is open to all school age flutists who will graduate high school during or after the 2022-2023 school year. Winners will receive cash prizes to further their flute studies. The first and second place winners will be awarded $1000 and $500, respectively.

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For the Preliminary round

*This round is RECORDED.

Flute Set I: Mvt. I, Moderato con anima by Adolphus Hailstork

Fantasy #7: Mvt. I, Alla francese [Largo] (with repeat) by Telemann

For the Final round

The final round includes one required selection:

El Bachiano (2017) by Raimundo Pineda

Flutists selected for the Final Round will prepare a 15-minute program of their own choosing which includes the required piece.

The program should include a piece or pieces reflecting a wide variety of styles and/or periods. This may include single movements of works, sonatas, concerti, and unaccompanied pieces. It is not necessary to perform all movements of a single work but any individual movement of a work must be performed in its entirety. Cuts may be made in the accompaniment and repeats may be deleted. Entire variations may be omitted, as long as a minimum of 75% of the piece is performed.

Procedures and Deadlines

  • To participate in this competition, school aged applicants must (1) upload mp3 recordings of the preliminary round repertoire, (2) submit the online application form, and (3) pay the nonrefundable application fee ($30) via PayPal/credit card.
  • All entrants must be current student members of the Texas Flute Society in order to participate. Entrants may join either before the competition application is submitted (use the Individual Membership Application form) or when the competition application form is submitted.
  • Entries must be submitted by March 15, 2023.
  • Preliminary round recordings must be unedited and without accompaniment. Each selection should be recorded individually in one performance.
  • There must be NO identifying personal information in the MP3 tags of the recording.
  • Entrants are advised that the recording quality may affect results of the preliminary round.
  • Finalists will be notified by TBD 2023.
  • Flutists selected from the preliminary round must be prepared to submit their entire 15-minute program for the Final Round by TBD 2023.
  • Finalists are responsible for arranging their own pianist or requesting one from the Competition Coordinator.  Finalists are responsible for the accompanist’s fee.
  • Finalists are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses.
  • All performances are open to the public.
  • All judges’ decisions are final.

For more information, please contact the Competition Coordinator.

About Donna Marie Haire


Donna Marie Theisen Haire had a great lifelong love of music. She also loved young people dearly, and glorified in using her talents in music, poetry and dramatic arts to increase their enjoyment of learning.

Donna first began helping young people by encouraging her own children to develop interests in music and other arts, and providing them with a wealth of opportunities to learn. Her loving efforts soon expanded to many church-related groups. These included early-childhood education programs, Sunday School classes, and even small, amateur original theatrical productions that featured children as well as adults.

Although Donna was not formally trained as a teacher, this skill seemed to come naturally to her. She was very creative in finding ways to keep young people enthusiastic about learning, often using music, poetry and play-acting by her students. By all accounts over many years, she was adored by her students. She was also adored by their parents, who were grateful to have such a loving and skillful teacher for their children.

Donna was raised in Columbus, Ohio by her parents, Paul and Minnette Theisen. Early-on, she began her great love of music by tinkling the keys of the family piano. Later, as a high school student, she was able to attend summer piano classes at a local college conservatory and, as a result, became an accomplished pianist. Also in high school, she expanded her musical ability by becoming an excellent alto vocalist. She performed in her school’s choir, Glee Club and musical variety productions throughout her high school years. She was also a member of a popular vocal trio that performed at many school functions as well as on local television in Columbus. Donna dearly loved to sing and rarely missed an opportunity to participate in choral or small-group performances.

Wherever she went, Donna always found young people to love and make eager to learn through her unique blend of music, poetry and drama. She continued to do so for more than thirty years until ill-health forced her to relinquish her great love.

Donna Marie Theisen Haire passed away at the age of 75 on January 1, 2010. The Texas Flute Society is honored to have been selected to host the Donna Marie Haire Young Artist Competition in her name.

2022 Competition Winners

The Texas Flute Society is proud to announce the winners of the 2022 Donna Marie Haire Young Artist Competition.

Reina Shim

1st Place

Reina Shim, a 14-year-old young flutist is an eighth-grade student at Pioneer Heritage  Middle School in Frisco, Texas. 

Starting the flute at the age of 7, she began to show her gifted talents very quickly. In  fifth grade, she became a student of Ms. Monica Song and added wings to her music life.  Starting with 1st prize in the Collin County Young Artist Competition, she made her  Carnegie Hall debut at 11 as a Grand Prize winner of the Concerto Artist Virtuoso  Competition. She was also awarded 1st in the Dallas Symphonic Festival competition  three times, made outstanding Performer Award of Texas Flute Society Festival three  times, Gold medal winner of Manhattan International Competition, 1st of Claire Johnson  Competition,1st of Vernell Gregg Young Artist Competition. In 2020 she won 3rd place  in the MTNA National Final competition. One year later, she became 1st winner of the  MTNA National Competition in 2021. She also made 1st winner of San Francisco Flute  Society’s Flute by the Sea International Competition. Last summer, she made three  significant achievements at the same time. She participated in the James Galway Flute  Festival 2021, the most famous flute festival globally, and the 2021 Outstanding Junior  Awards. Reina was invited as a young artist rising star for FACP Dallas’s ‘Basically  Beethoven Festival,’ and her performance was streamed on YouTube and WRR classical  Radio 101 FM. Even during this busy schedule, she again became the National 1st winner  of the National Flute Association Competition winner of the Junior Division during this  busy schedule.  

Reina has been the youngest flute player of Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra for three  years. Last year, as the GDYO Philharmonic Concerto Competition winner, she  performed Mozart Concerto D with GDYO Philharmonic Orchestra at the Meyerson  Symphony Center. She also Perform with GDYO Orchestra again as a Concerto  competition winner of March at the Meyerson Center. 

In addition to her achievements in the United States, she also won 1st place at several  European competitions such as Great Composer Best Mozart Performance Competition  (England), Risingstars-Grandprix International Music Competition Berlin (Berlin,  Germany), Music Competition Online (France). Also, Reina was specially awarded 1st  and the Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize from the Grand Prize Virtuoso Music  Competition (Bonne, Germany) for the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. She also  made the Dutch International Flute Competition (Amsterdam, Netherland) ‘s 1st Prize  winner. 

Recently, she rechallenged Collin County Young Artist Competition and got Grand Prize.  As a grand prize winner, she performed with the Plano Orchestra at the Eisemann  Center. 

As an enthusiastic student, she also attended some masterclasses and lessons with James  Galway, Jeffrey Khaner, Jasmine Choi, Viviana Guzman, Irina Stachinskaya, Yubin Kim,  Jennifer Grimm, Seth Morris, Brian Allred, Yi Xiang, and Fredric Sanchez. Reina Shim’s dream is to become a flutist who delivers love and hopes to people. She is  constantly learning and preparing for the future to make it come true.

Stephanie Kim

2nd Place

Stephanie Kim, is 13 years old. She is from Flower Mound, Texas. Her flute journey  began when she was nine years old. She is studying with Monica Song. She was the first  place winner for the Clair Johnson Flute Soloist Competition (2020). First prize in Bonn  Germany International Music Competition (2021). Winner of the Virtual Flute Festival  Master class competition for the Junior division (2021). She have also won third prize at  the National Flute Association Junior Competition (2021). She performed at the Carnegie  Hall in New York as the winner of the Golden Classical Award International music  competition (2022).  

This year, she won second place at MTNA Junior woodwind competition (2022).  Currently, She is a member of GDYO wind symphony and will perform as a finalist for Junior Soloist Competition during 2022 NFA convention this summer.

Historical Winners

1st Place2nd Place
2022Reina ShimStephanie Kim
2021Ingrid McDuffeeEunah Kim
2020Emily ParkIngrid McDuffee
2019Allison LiuSubee Kim
2018Madison HardickLauren Brady
2017Subin ChoYeongjae Jo
2016Joanna KimAlyssa Tinsley
2015Isaiah Obey Jarrett May
2014Tiffany JiangCrystal Kim
2013Elizabeth KangJoann Lee
2012Shilpa KudvaVeronica Zheng