Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the registration table?
It is located in the lobby of the Ann Stuart Science Complex.

Do I need to register?
Yes, but you may play your solo or ensemble before you wait in the registration line. You must register later to get your festival program and your wrist band for admission to the concerts.

Who needs wristbands?
Anyone who plans to attend concerts, workshops, exhibit rooms, or perform a solo and/or ensemble must have a wristband or TFS Festival name badge. Anyone without a wristband or name badge will be directed to the registration table before entering any event. Even though parents, accompanists, Myrna Brown semi-finalists, Donna Marie Haire finalists, and masterclass performers are not required to pay a fee, they must still have a wristband.

I didn’t pre-register; can I play for a clinician?
A representative in the Festival Office will register you, try to fit you into the schedule and collect your fees. You will not be eligible for the awards.

If I did not pre-register, can I participate in the events?
You can register at the festival and you will have access to the exhibits and all of the events that do not require advance registration.

If I only want to participate in the flute choir, do I need to register to attend the festival?
Yes. You must register as an auditor.

If I register as an auditor, does my family have to pay an auditor fee?
No. Your family members do not have to pay the auditor fee to accompany you to the festival but they must get a wristband to enter any of the events.

Do I need to be a TFS member to register?
No. However, you will still need to pay the auditor fee to obtain a wristband to attend the festival events.You may also join the TFS at this time if you so desire.

If I encounter a problem that I cannot solve, what do I do?
Bring the issue to the Festival Office.


What should I bring to the festival?
1. Your flute (the festival won’t be as much fun without it!)
2. The information about the time and room where you perform (received from your own teacher).
3. An extra copy of the pieces of music to be performed. Number the measures on both the participant’s copy and the specialist’s copy.
4. A folding music stand if you are in a festival flute choir or a large flute ensemble (stands will be provided in the solo room).
5. A personal recording device if you wish to record your performance and/or the comments from the specialist.

Where is the Festival Office?
It is in room MUS 112.

Where do I buy a patch and/or a festival T-shirt?
If extras are available for sale, they will be at the registration table.

If someone has a suggestion or complaint, how do I respond?
If they have a suggestion or a minor complaint, ask them to fill in a survey form. If it is a significant complaint, ask them to contact the Festival Office as well.

Where is Lost and Found?
It is at the Festival Office in room MUS 112.


Can people record any of the concerts? What do I do if I see this?
This is not allowed. Very politely remind them that recording is not allowed.

Can people take photos or videos of the concerts?
These are not allowed.


Who can sign my card if I am working as a volunteer at the festival for community service hours?
Any TFS official in the Festival Office can sign your card.

Is it too late to volunteer for this year’s festival?
No, it certainly is not. Please visit the Festival Office if you can lend a hand during or after the festival. More help is always welcome.


What if I don’t know what room or time I or my child performs?
A list of performers and their times will be posted on the wall in the lobby of the Ann Stuart Science Complex..

Where can students warm up?
Students are welcome to practice outside if the weather is nice,and there are also practice rooms inside on the second and third floor of the music building.

Can I watch my child perform?
Absolutely. An audience is welcomed based on your child’s comfort level.

Can I video record my child’s performance?
Absolutely. Recording your child’s performance is welcomed based on your child’s comfort level.

Can a performer use his/her recording device instead of using a cassette?
Yes. The recording is for the performer’s and teacher’s educational use.

If someone tells me they have a schedule conflict with their performance, what do I tell them to do?
Let the clinician know. To the best of their ability, they will try to adjust the schedule to fit in every performer. If the clinician cannot resolve the conflict, please go to the Festival Office.

What if a performer’s accompanist cannot be found?
Let the clinician know and wait by your scheduled room. The accompanist will try to get there as quickly as possible. The clinician will try to adjust the schedule.

What if a performer does not bring a copy of the music for the clinician?
The university library will be closed on Saturday, May 16th, but there is a UPS store with copy services near the campus at 111 E University Drive, Suite 105, Denton, TX 76209

What if a performer forgets to bring a music stand for flute choir?
Stands can be purchased from the vendors in the Exhibit Halls. Try to borrow one from a friend or try to share.


What are the names of the restaurants that are close to the School of Music?
Most restaurants near Texas Woman’s University will require a short drive from the campus.  For your convenience, you may click the here to link the Yelp website for a list of restaurants near TWU.