The Texas Flute Society publishes five newsletters per year filled with interviews, articles, and much more!

Purchased advertisements may also be included in the newsletter and may be submitted to the Newsletter Editor according to the schedule shown below (refer to Advertising Options for details).

TFS also maintains an online archive of past newsletters which you may find by scrolling down below the newsletter schedule..

Issue Submission Deadline Planned Distribution
Spring Newsletter February 15 March 01
Pre-Festival Newsletter April 15 May 01
Summer Newsletter July 15 August 01
Fall Newsletter October 15 November 01
Winter Newsletter December 15 January 01


These newsletters require the use of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have a copy, you may download it by clicking here.

Spring Pre-Festival Summer Fall Winter
2015_Spring  2015_Pre-Festival
2014_Spring 2014_Pre-Festival 2014_Summer 2014_Fall 2014_Winter
2013_Spring 2013_Pre-Festival 2013_Summer 2013_Fall 2013_Winter
2012_Spring 2012_Pre-Festival 2012_Summer 2012_Fall 2012_Winter
2011_Spring 2011_Pre-Festival 2011_Summer 2011_Fall 2011_Winter
2010_Spring 2010_Pre-Festival 2010_Summer 2010_Fall 2010_Winter
2009_Spring 2009_Pre-Festival 2009_Summer 2009_Fall 2009_Winter
2008_Spring 2008_Pre-Festival 2008_Summer 2008_Fall 2008_Winter
2007_Spring 2007_Pre-Festival 2007_Summer 2007_Fall 2007_Winter
2006_Spring 2006_Pre-Festival 2006_Summer 2006_Fall 2006_Winter
2005_Spring 2005_Pre-Festival 2005_Summer 2005_Fall 2005_Winter
2004_Spring 2004_Pre-Festival 2004_Summer 2004_Fall 2004_Winter


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